Harrisburg Library thrives with help from Friends

A community’s library greatly contributes to its vitality and intellectual growth, but its survival depends on the generosity and commitment of   its patrons, who are driven by that shared belief, a mutual passion for reading, and a lifelong quest for learning and knowledge.


The Harrisburg Library is no exception.  The town’s library is able to accomplish its goals and go beyond the book shelves through the help of its Friends. Because of its generous and active members, the Friends of the Harrisburg Library (FOHL), a not-for-profit organization,  has been able to support the local library by:   


  • Providing the library with new books and much- needed equipment, such as  book drops and displays, carts and baskets, an up-to-date globe, and other materials that  expand the library’s offerings and services, and help make library  operations more efficient for its staff and patrons;

  • Recruiting and scheduling volunteers to shelve and organize books and provide supplemental help to the library staff.  In 2013 alone, a monthly average of 24 volunteers gave an annual total of 2,033 hours of service; 


  • Sponsoring  events and programs for patrons of all ages, including summer reading programs, after-school teen reading programs, and author receptions and other adult programs; 


  • Organizing fundraisers such as raffles and the sale of used books, literary-themed gift baskets, and commemorative library walkway bricks, all of which most recently helped create the library’s teen area..


Future plans for the FOHL include helping the library achieve its goals for increased technology training and programming, a public computer lab, and private study rooms for tutoring. 


But it is strong ongoing support from Harrisburg’s residents that helps the Friends continue to make a difference and make the Harrisburg Library the best it can be.     Remember, borrow freely and give generously because it all comes back to you  -- for you and the community. 

The FOHL Board  of Directors meets  January -  June  and  August - November on the third Monday of each month at 10 a.m. at the library.  No meetings are held July and December. All are welcome to attend.    

 New and noteworthy.....

Got Books? We Need Them!


 As you do your spring cleaning, or get ready to move, please consider donating your gently used books, DVDs, and CDs for the Friends’ fall used book sale.   Please place them in the donation bins in the library lobby.


 We cannot accept textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, computer software, cassette tapes, videotapes, or LP records.

"I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture, and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.” 
- Carl Sagan

Author Dora Hiers talks about her writing career at April 7 FOHL Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. 

Harrisburg Library Volunteers

Honored at Friends’ Brunch

Thirty-three volunteers of the Harrisburg Library were honored April 7 at a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch hosted by the Friends of the Harrisburg Library (FOHL) during National Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 6-12). Dora Hiers, a local Christian fiction author from Kannapolis, was special guest speaker.

Volunteer Coordinator Betty Ritchie, who is a library volunteer herself as well as a longtime FOHL board member, thanked them for the 2,033 hours of service they gave to the library in 2013 alone. These library volunteers help the library staff shelve books and keep the library organized and orderly.   As a special honor, books were donated to the library in each volunteer’s name.

Among those honored are:  Bill Alexander, Rex Anderson, Robbi Banks, Neptune  Behjou¸ Sue Bentley, Amelia Craig, Lana DeWitte, Toni Dickinson, Kayla Dunn¸ Marge Fedor, Brent Fortner, Chad Fortner¸ Stacy Garber¸ Richard Galloway, Carol Hatley, Pat Jamison, Allison Jolly, Vickie Julian, Brooke Kempf, M. E.(Ata) Kheradmand, Rebecca Knauer¸ Stephanie Oszman, N.K. Parz,  Roberta Porter, Betty Ritchie, Denise Sane,  Gail Scott, Tom Spindanger,  Hazel Taylor,  Makeda Tesemma, Ashlyn Waterhouse, Kristen Winterberg, and Mary Ellen Worden.


Local businesses who donated food, drinks, flowers, and other goods for the recognition event are: Granny Mac’s Bake Shop, Harrisburg Florist, Harris Teeter, Jamaica Jo’s Coffee, and Rocky River Coffee Co.   

  50-50 Raffle Winner 

Congratulations to Enzo Fava, winner of the FOHL 50-50 Raffle! Thanks to all who participated to help support our library's initiatives and projects. 

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